Is Gondola Shelving Something You May Be Interested In?
You may be someone who wants to display something or you may own a store, if this is the case gondola shelving may be the direction you want to head in. Since the gondola shelves can differ in widths and heights and each shelf can manipulated they are the perfect choice. The average width can stretch from 250 mm to 540 mm on a gondola shelf while the heights of the units are around 1.4 m to 2.1 m. Since a store owner needs a clear view of the store at all times the more appropriate unit would be the low ones. While this is true for small store owners, the tall units are primarily used in larger chains such as supermarkets where it is more important to display many items at once.

Like most supermarkets, gondola shelving can be used to create pathways throughout your store, when doing this it is important to leave room for fluidity as to alleviate problems with overcrowding and the shelves potentially falling over. To give you a better understanding on this, refer here first at This may be successfully achieved by making one line of gondolas slightly smaller than the one it precedes, encouraging a natural turning point for customers. If you want your store would look and feel better, another suggestions could be to intermix short aisles with long ones or even just simply use short aisles. Creating nice, spacey aisles using gondola shelving gives your consumer the ease of shopping at their own pace, which could lead to spending more time in your store and hopefully impulse buying.

To create interest in your product or collection it would be smart to place your gondola wire fencing in different designs or heights. Thus, gondola shelves are adjustable so you can change the size or shape at any time you choose. These shelves can even be tilted to display something like magazines, books, papers or cards.

Along with receiving your gondola shelf you will receive lots of other accessories and shop fittings that will aid your customers in seeing descriptions of the products you sell and the prices of them. Some more accessories that gondola shelves offer are shelf dividers and epos ticket strips to air in keeping your shelves clean and efficient.

Gondola shelving units at are great for the person in the market for new or used units for their store or shop. When in the market for gondola shelving units that will accommodate your greatest needs, it is best to contact your local shelving store to discuss it with him or her, that way you will be purchasing the shelf that best helps you.

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